Should I diet?

Diets-should you?

I recently had the opportunity to sit at a round table discussion about health and nutrition.

As we sat and talked, one young man gave a very convincing talk about the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting.

As he talked I started to get captivated because his own personal story was great, but then he said something that shook me from my zone and I realized what I had known all along, diets don’t work.

As I was about to ask some important questions, my phone rang and there was an emergency on the other end that I could not ignore.

The opportunity to talk about what was really important was lost. As I chewed on the experience over the next several days I just couldn’t ignore the subject and so I decided to discuss it here.

In my health coach training we learned to digest the top 100 diets in 10 minutes and the ketogenic diet falls into this as well. All diets manipulate one or all of these 3 areas: timing, macro nutrients, and/or protein source. They all have the science, the research and the testimonies to prove why their diet is the best and why everyone should do it.

What no diet company has ever done is followed their clients long term to see how they did after the diet was done. Here’s the real statistic, 98% of the people who lose weight through dieting gain the weight back in 6 months. Chew on that for a moment. All the pain and suffering and restricting that someone does to lose the weight and it comes right back. That should be required to put on all diet advertising.

  • Back to the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting for a moment. If you do the diet, yes, you will lose weight, cut fat and look great…for a moment or until you can’t take it any more and you say screw it and go on a binge. Then the cravings will set in and the weight will come back. There are also people who should never try this diet because of health concerns. If you have Crohn’s disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome or any type of skin disease, you should not try the ketogenic diet.

Ok, so now what? If I can’t or shouldn’t diet, what do I do chris? I’m so glad you asked. There are 3 types of eaters.

Type 1: healthy eaters, they eat when they are hungry, they stop when they are full and they generally eat healthy without binging on bad food.

Type 2: emotional eaters, they eat when they are bored, stressed, happy, sad, and anything in between.

Type 3: militant eaters, they are on a very strict regiment and eat to a plan, a guide or a schedule. If they go off track, they will punish themselves by restricting themselves or doing more workouts in the gym to counteract the effects of getting off track.

In my health coaching program, I teach my clients to develop healthy eating habits that last so they can lose the weight they desire and keep it off for good.

Should you diet? On my opinion, NO!!!

Renewing your mind = Transforming your life

Good morning all,

Are you where you want to be or where you expected to be at this point in your life?  If not, what are you willing to do about it?  The reason that I even started this blog was to inspire you to change the direction of your life if it was heading in the wrong direction.  I wanted to share what I was doing to overcome my personal struggles and what I was doing to overcome in life.

What happens when we start renewing our mind?  Either we get puffed up with knowledge or we take action and change.  I want you to have the latter.  I want you to be inspired to step up and step into the areas you fear.  Philippians 4:13 says I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me and it also says in 2 Timothy 1:7, that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and of a sound mind.  God does not want you to be afraid.  He wants you to go out and conquer the world in a good way.  He wants you to use your influence to lead others to him.

In the past year, my life has undergone a significant shift or transformation because of my relationship with God, his guidance in his word, and renewing my mind, which renewed my belief in myself.  He gave me the courage to step out in faith and take action towards some lifelong dreams that I had let go of and thought were gone forever.  He gave me the confidence that I could still do what he created me to do and it wasn’t too late to try.

I stepped out and went back to school to become a life and health coach. I implemented the material I was learning on myself and saw great results in my health, nutrition, finances, relationships, and work performance.  After practicing on myself, I took practice clients through the courseware and saw significant changes in them too.  They lost weight, got better jobs, got promotions, had relationships repaired, learned how to develop new relationships and developed new habits and new beliefs in themselves.  They were transformed too.  Today, they have different habits, different beliefs, and different outcomes than they had before.  It is amazing what God can do by changing just one life.  Will you let him do that for you?

I had a childhood dream of becoming a public speaker, yet I was paralyzed to take action.  As I continued this journey to change, God worked on me and worked on my self limiting beliefs to eradicate them.  As he did that, I got more courage to step out in faith.  Tomorrow morning, I will be speaking to a group of 65 employees from our city.  I’m excited and feel so blessed that God opened this opportunity for me to live a life that I dreamed about when I was 15.

Thank you all for reading my blog.  You inspire me to keep writing.  I hope to be more consistent in my writing, sharing with all of you what you can do to overcome in this life.



Stinking Thinking

When I started writing this blog, I was a mess emotionally.  I was in the process of getting divorced and my world had been turned upside down.  I had stinking thinking.  I was stuck in my head spending most of my days having a pity party and wondering why God would let this happen to me.

I needed a check up from the neck up and I knew it.  The bible says that we renew our mind on God’s word, So that’s what I did.  I spent time every day reading my bible and watching messages from ministers I trusted.  I was bing filled with an abundance of God’s word and messages.  My knowledge grew, my confidence grew.  I knew what God wanted for my life and he started positioning my life for something better.  Each step I took in the year that I have been writing was a step closer to victory, a step closer to my hopes and dreams.

By reading the bible and applying what I was learning to my life, I was changing and growing into someone that I always wanted to be, but didn’t know it was possible.  I was learning to be a doer of the word and not just a hearer only.  First, you must be born again.  That is, you must accept the free gift of salvation in Jesus Christ.  He paid the price for your sins so that you could be forgiven and set free.  All you have to do to be saved, is repeat the following prayer.

Jesus, I am a sinner.  I have made mistakes in my life.  I ask for your forgiveness and I repent and turn away from doing them.  I know that you paid the price for my sin by dying on the cross and going to hell for me.  I know God raised you from the dead.  I ask you to come into my heart and live on the inside of me.

It is very simple yet profound to ask Jesus into your heart.  It will be the absolute best thing you have ever done.

Once you have asked Jesus into your heart, you will notice that everything changes in your world.  You will feel freer.  It will fill like a burden has been lifted off your shoulders.  Also, when you read your bible, it will come alive and verses that didn’t make sense before will suddenly makes sense.

Renew your mind with God’s word.  Bathe your mind in the word of God today and see your life transformed

How can you get answers to your prayers?

Do you ever ask yourself, “Does God really hear me when I pray?” or “God, Why aren’t you answering my prayers?”

The following steps are a compliation of teachings from Kenneth E. Hagen and Kenneth Copeland by George Pearsons.

10 Steps to answered prayers.

1. Decide what you want from God.
2. Locate scriptures that promise you what you want from God.
3. Get those scriptures firmly fixed in your heart.
4. Ask God for what you want and believe that your receive it when you pray (Mark 11: 23-24)
5. Refuse to allow doubt and fear to enter your consciousness.
6. See yourself succeeding and not failing.
7. Give God continual praise and thanksgiving for answering your prayer.
8. Make every prayer a Statement of Faith instead of unbelief.
9. Testify to what you believe.
10. Get on the giving end…be a giver and sow where your expecting a harvest.

I hope this helps you. If you have a testimony of what God is doing or has done in your life, please share it on this post to encourage others that God really is listening and he wants you blessed so that you can be a blessing.

Don’t avoid going to the hospital


I’ve heard of people avoiding going to the hospital, but it’s usually because of a financial issue.  They won’t go because they don’t have the money, they don’t have insurance, or they don’t think they can get the proper care.  By and large, when someone is sick or injured, they go to the hospital or to a treatment facility that can take care of what ails them.  I’ve never heard anyone tell me they won’t go to a hospital to get treated because there are sick people there, but that is the argument I hear from people I talk to about going to church.  “I won’t go to church, because that’s were all the Christians are and they will know that I’ve messed up, or that I’m a mess, or worse yet, they will know that I’m a sinner.”

Someone who has never made Jesus their Lord and Savior is eternally separated from God because of original sin.  They can’t buy their way to heaven, they can’t work their way into heaven and they can’t get there by some other religion or man made practice.  Jesus said, I am the way the truth and the life.  No one comes to the father except through me.  So, what happens when someone sins?  Are they lost forever? No, they are not, but sin separates us from God and unless we repent and turn away from our sin, we will stay separated from him.

When we sin is when we need God the most, but when we sin we tend to run from God instead of running to him and asking him to forgive us.  When a faithful follower of Jesus sins, they may be compelled to run away from God and run away from church, but that’s the worst thing they can do.  God wants them to come to him, repent, ask for forgiveness and get back on track.  Avoiding going to church when you are a sinner or when you have sinned is like avoiding going to the hospital when you need care. Don’t do it, don’t avoid going to church and getting the proper treatment for what ails you.


If you are walking in good status with God and your life is on track and everything is running smoothly, have compassion on those who are struggling.  The lost are bruised and beaten and they need the love of Christ before they need the conviction of the word.  Meet them where they are at.  Like Paul, become all things to all people.  Your love and kindness is just what someone needs today to return to Jesus or to come to him for the first time.  Remember, fish swim, birds fly, and sinners sin.  They may know better, but they are not equipped properly to have the power to change.  Give them that power by sharing Jesus with them, getting them into the bible to read and understand God’s will for their lives, then allow God’s word to provide the correction and the conviction.  Lastly, teach them how to be a victorious Christian by finding God’s promises in his word and proclaiming them over their circumstances.


God is a good God.  He loves you, and he wants the best for you.  If you are seeking him today and your looking for answers, you can write to me at

Thanks and God Bless,


Consistency-your key to success

Napoleon Hill said, “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” When you do small things in a great way consistently over a long period of time, you will propel you life further than you could ever have imagined.

hard-drive-656122_1920 - Copy - Copy

When I first became a Christian, I learned some key verses in the bible by listening to what people said. I started quoting scriptures until I fully believed them.  My favorite scripture for over a decade was Ephesians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Whenever faced with a new challenge, I would repeat the prayer until I fully believed it was true.  When I was fully convinced, I would take action and try to do that which was impossible moments ago.

When I was in high school, I had to take speech class just like every kid who wants to graduation has to take speech class.  I managed to skip class every time I was supposed to give a speech and I begged the teacher to give me a passing grade so I wouldn’t have to repeat the agony of standing in front of my peers and communicate anything to them.  I was deathly afraid.  Fast forward about 8 years later when I was in the military and I kept getting these assignments which put me in front of audiences to explain to them what they did wrong.  I hated the experiences, but my leaders kept putting me in front of groups of people and they forced me to evaluate them and give them feedback to their groups.

My assignments got tougher and tougher and the groups got bigger and bigger until one day, I was no longer afraid to get up and speak to large groups.  I have spoken to groups of 25, 50, 150, & more than 500.  I started with talking to small groups of 2-3 people and worked my way up to large groups and now, even if I am put on the spot, I can teach, coach, mentor and speak.  I did that by doing small things great until one day the small thing was a great thing.  You can do it too.

I challenge you to do something today that you didn’t think you could do.  Step out of your comfort zone.  Do the small thing to the best of your ability.  Evaluate your own performance, then do it again.

The last piece that I will leave you with is conduct rehearsals.  It is so important to take this step and speak out what you want to say so that you don’t stammer, stutter, or lose your place or your words when speaking.


Accountability-who’s your partner

I’ve heard this so many times in the past 18 months that I don’t even remember who said it first.  You are the product of the 5 closest people you spend the most time with.  This in fact makes so much sense since we are all products of our environment.  As a child, I saw my step Dad perform little rituals as a part of his interaction with us.  He would clap his hands together, rub together real fast and then jump to his feet to leave where he was sitting to go to the kitchen.  He would sign these cute little ditties that taught some kind of life lessons.  He had a ton of one liners that he used on us.  When I grew up and moved away, I found that I would start to do those same things when I was with my friends or even when I was all alone.  I was producing what I saw and heard him say and do.

I heard a preacher once tell the story of how he traveled through America in the 60’s with another minister from another part of the country.  Years later, he had his friend come to visit his church and the minister had his friend come up and explain to his church what all those goofy sayings meant that he kept repeating all these years.

So, how did these points lead to me talking about who your accountability partner is?  It’s because everyone needs someone to be accountable to.  Without accountability, people will eventually be left to their own imaginations which can be a very dangerous place. Choosing the right accountability partner can be the difference between life and death and success and failure.  You need an accountability partner who is stronger than you, physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and/or financially.  You need someone who has walked through and overcome the challenges that you are facing.  You also need someone who won’t hold back and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and hold you to a higher standard.

As, I surveyed people when I decided to start the journey to becoming a life coach.  I asked friends, family, and acquaintances hard questions about what steps they would need to take to make changes in their lives, and I found that most people could give me an answer that sounded good and fundamentally would work in most situations.  What shocked me was that those same people didn’t know how to implement the steps, were unwilling to attempt them, or had tried them and failed.  Most didn’t have someone encouraging them, guiding them, and holding them accountable.  If you have struggled to complete goals, or were unable to accomplish your dreams or desires in life, you may benefit from life coaching.

Life coaches have the right questions that need to be asked to shine a light on your life exposing the areas that need to be worked on.  They have access to programs and systems that move the client or potential client from failure to success in key areas which are meant to cause growth in their clients.  They hold keys to helping you unlock your true potential.  Life coaches love what they do and they are waiting for you to call and ask, how can I become greater than I am today or how can I obtain my goals, hopes, and dreams?

I love to help people and life coaching is helping me fulfill one of my childhood dreams to help as many people as possible achieve what they have always desired, but thought those things were out of reach.

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There is nothing new under the sun!

There is nothing new under the sun! Chapter 1 of Ecclesiastes is about vanity and verse 9 says that which has been is what will be, that which is done is what will be done and there is nothing new under the sun. Simply put, history repeats itself.

I have been reading, consuming, and studying a lot of business, management, leadership, and self-help material for quite some time trying to challenge myself to grow and to help others to grow as well by sharing what I have been learning. My goal with for doing this was to learn what the author was trying to teach, compare it to the bible and implement the good material into my daily life so that I could change the trajectory of my life.

What I found was much of the material when boiled down to its base was biblical truth or laws that had been personalized, customized, or branded so that person could either convey it as their own material or explain how it worked in their life.

I know millions of people have read Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich,” and have applied his theories about wealth to their lives and have attained a better life for themselves and their families. I wanted to break that book down to see if there were biblical principals at work in each of the chapters and Surprise, there were.

The big push today is marketing yourself or branding yourself to stand apart from the crowd so that you can pull a portion of the market to you and thus increase your market share and profits. While I am in business to make money, I believe that people should be able to get free information for free. I am choosing to break down the principals of the book and explain what biblical principles they were founded on so that you can read for yourself what God already put into his word for your use. I will break down 1 chapter per day and compare it to the word of God so that you can apply the scriptures to your life, develop a relationship with God and see him move in your situations to cause growth, change, and deliverance. The next post will be on “Thoughts are things.”

I will be posting the breakdowns of these chapters on my Facebook page.  You can get there by clicking here

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

Do you talk to yourself?  Do you ask yourself questions and do you answer yourself?  Sure you do.  Do you routinely ask yourself were do you see yourself in 3 years?  What job will you have? What position will you hold in the company? Where will you live? What car will you drive, etc.?

Why is this important? It’s important because you need to dream.  You need to set goals and you need to attain them.  Goals drive behavior and behavior creates habits and habits create who you become.  We tend to think forward and dwell on the past.  What I want you to do is a combination of both.  Get a piece of paper, and write down everything you can about where you see yourself in 3 years.  Make sure the description is so go that you can actually picture in your mind everything you have written down.  Go ahead and spend a few minutes doing that and then come back.

Ok, so your back.  Now that you have the picture in your head and have captured it on paper we can break it down into actionable steps.  We can break it down and work backward to set small goals easily attainable until we have hit our mark.  You will need to refine your goals from time to time, but this will make it easier than just saying in 3 years, I see myself making $1,000,000.  Let me give you an example of backwards planning that you probably do everyday, but you just have done it so many times that it’s on auto pilot.

What time do you get up in the morning?  For you, it may be different than for me, but we both do the same math.  I have to be at work by 7:30 and it takes me 30 minutes to drive to work so I need to leave the house by 7:00.  In order to leave by 7:00, I have to get in the shower by 6:15, so that I can get ready.  In order to get in the shower by 6:15, I need to get up by 6:00.  You get the idea.  We take the stated goal, getting to work by 7:30 and backwards plan until we figure out what time we need to wake up in the morning, complete our morning routine, and get to work on time.  The procedure will be the same for setting your short term and long term goals.  I recommend setting 30, 60, & 90 day goals in lieu of 6 month, 1 year, and longer goals.  We tend to lose focus and lose the drive because the reward is so far down the road that after awhile, we may feel that it is unattainable.

So let me give an example of breaking down a 3 year goal with some action steps and finish with talking about SMART Goals.  One of my goals for the next 3 years could be to run a marathon.  So if I break that down, I know that I will need to be able to run 26.2 miles in one shot and today, lets say that I cannot run at all.  So first thing I do is break the goal in half and say that in 18 months, I want to run 13.1 miles.  Now I’m going to break that down again and say that in 9 months, I need to run 6 miles. Now that I have the goal down to 9 months, I can break it up into 90 day segments.  If I broke it up equally, I would strive to run 2 miles in 3 months, 4 miles in 6 months, and 6 miles in 9 months; however, starting is always slower than you think.  I usually back off my first 90 day goal by 15-25%, then add that back into the next 6 month’s worth of training.

Ok, I know that I can’t run at all right now because I recently had hip surgery and I haven’t been cleared by the doctor yet, so my plan might look something like this.

  1. Get cleared by the doctor to run (schedule appointment w/in 30 days).
  2. Once cleared, start walking at a brisk pace every other day for the next 7 days 10-20 minutes.
  3. Week 2: walk brisk paced daily for 5 days of 7 days 15-20 minutes.
  4. Week 3: slow jog as tolerated for 10-20 minutes 3 days per week.
  5. Week 4: continue jogging 3 days per week, but increase intensity one week, then time the following week.
  6. You will continue on this cycle until you can get up to running time up for 15-25 minutes and your distance to 1.5-2.0 miles.

You should evaluate your progress every 30 days to ensure your on tract to complete your 3 month goal.

This is just one example for you to use.  The other tool you can use for setting goals it to set SMART Goals. Using the word smart as the acronym to define your goal.





T-Time bound


Here is a good goal.  I would like to lose 10 lbs. in 30 days.  It is specific because you want to lose 10 lbs. It is measurable because you can step on a scale and see where you are now, subtract 10 lbs. and that’s your target.  It is attainable because losing 10 lbs. in 30 days is 2.5 lbs. per week. It may not be realistic if you don’t have 10 lbs. to lose, but for a lot of people 10 lbs. would not be too much weight to lose.  Finally, it is time bound by completing the goal in 30 days.

Here are some poor goals.  I want to lose some weight. I want to make more money.  I want people to like me.  Can you see the difference?  I hope this helps you create some good goals for the future and helps you break them down into actionable steps.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me-WRONG!

The old nursery rhyme told as far back as the late 1800’s was meant to keep children from bullying one another by building that inner strength to tell the bully that it doesn’t matter what you say, I’ll be ok. That phrase couldn’t be further from the truth.


Words are the most powerful force in the universe. God spoke everything you see and what you don’t see by speaking creative words. You have this same ability to create because you were created in God’s image. You also have the ability to destroy by your words. Your words once spoken go out into the world to create what you have spoken. They will either create life or they will create death, but they will produce after their own kind.

The law in affect is called seed time and harvest. Everything produces after its own kind. The danger here is that it doesn’t just produce one fruit or seed, but instead produces a harvest of more seeds which when planted will produce even more seeds. Yes, some of those seeds will die just like in the natural, but most will take root to keep reproducing the harvest of what was originally sown in your life. Likewise, you can sow seeds that are good and that are good for you and those around you. It’s not just about speaking positive words like, “Today I’m going to get a million dollars,” because you may not have the means to make that possible. Instead, speak and say what God says about you and about your situation and see the fruit of those words spoken produce a harvest in your life.

Now, you may say, “I tried that and it didn’t work.” Well, there are two factors at work here, one is unbelief and the other is double mindedness. First, if you try something, you may not be fully committed or persuaded that it’s going to work. You have to have faith that what God says in his word is truth. You also have to know the context of what God is saying. You cannot pull scriptures out of context and wrongly apply them to your life. Every scripture of promise has a condition of obedience associated to it, i.e. Give and it shall be given unto you, press down shaken together…shall men give into your bosom   . You can’t receive people giving back into you if you don’t first give. There are many more examples throughout scripture.

The second part of that is double mindedness. If you quote and apply a scripture to your circumstances, then go away and speak negative words to those circumstances, you are canceling out your blessing. The two messages spoken cancel each other out. Paraphrasing what the bible says in Mark 11:23 you shall speak to your problem and tell it to go away and don’t doubt it but believe it and it shall come to pass. After speaking and quoting the bible over your problem you may say to another person at another time, “I never can get ahead.” You may have just cancelled out the blessing you were believing for.

If you’re like me, when I heard this I was worried. I started to take an account of what I had been saying and I knew I had been speaking out both sides of my mouth. I had to change my actions and I had to dig up those seeds that I had planted like you dig up a weed in your yard or garden. I asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins. I asked him to help me dig up those misspoken words and I started to speak what he said about my life and my situation. I got into the word and I found out what God wanted for my life and I started speaking that for me.

Back to sticks and stones, we are products of the words spoken over us by our parents, teachers, friends and family. As we grow, we tend to fit into the mold that others have set for us, unless we get into the bible and discover for ourselves what God says about us and what he wants for our lives. When we do that, we can say what he says about us and see the changes come. You are a WIP, that is a Work In Progress and you are subject to change your entire life if you will be coachable and teachable. You just have to be careful who you let speak into your life.

Good day and God bless!