About the author

My name is Chris. I’m in my 40’s and I’ve had some amazing adventures in my life. I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself for a few reasons.

1. It’s not easy to talk about myself. I don’t open up much about me.

2. I have a story to tell that I hope inspires you to never quit.

3. The theme of the blog has personally touched my life and I want to share that with you.

I don’t want to go back to the day I was born and recap my entire life, but I want to highlight a few stories so you can get to know me.

Before my life really got started, my mom contemplated aborting me. On my aunt’s deathbed in hospice, she shared a story with me that changed my life forever.  She told me how my mom came to her as a teenage pregnant mother and asked her about aborting the child. My aunt gave the best advice. She told her, you could always give the baby up for adoption, but if you abort it, you can never take back the regret that may come with that decision. I knew in that moment that I needed to figure out what my purpose was in life and try to fulfill it.

I was in the army at that time and so, I decided that God wanted me to be the best Soldier I could be. I took this new sense of purpose and used it to challenge myself to strive harder, go longer, and be all that I could be. You know the slogan. I was the epitome of a good Soldier. I worked hard, got promoted as quickly as you could. I made each and every promotion like clockwork. As my mom would later tell me when I made my last promotion, “You done good.”

I thought that was my purpose in life was being a good Soldier. My problem was that I had attached who I was to what I did. I was a Soldier.  When I retired from the military, I lost my identity.  I had wrapped myself up so tight in what I’d did that I no longer had a sense of purpose. I was just going through the motions.

I got what I thought was a good job, put my head down and just survived. At this point, I really wasn’t living any more. Every day was on repeat. I hated my job and I hated life. I did a good job of hiding it, but inside I was empty.

Christmas Eve 2014, my life took a turn for the worst. My 20 year marriage crumbled and fell apart and I found myself broken and shattered. In an instant, I became a single dad with no hope and no future.

The journey of the next 2+ years played out here in my blog. I went through a lot of depression in the beginning dealing with my failed marriage and the loss associated with that. It took me several months to let go and move on with my life. A year before going through all my struggles with my marriage, I asked God, “How can I do something I really want to do and get paid to do it?”  That question started me on a journey to challenge everything I thought I knew and every limitation I had placed on myself throughout my life.

As I was coming out of my depression, I had this passion to want to help others.  I wanted to help people shortcut the challenges they were facing in life and find the fastest way out of the shadow of the valley of death.  I wanted to teach you how I did it.  I read my bible, listened to messages on YouTube, read books, prayed and asked God for guidance and tried to figure out what direction and purpose he really had for my life.  It was time to have a fresh start.  I kept hearing God say to me to be a life coach.  I spent months researching what a life coach was, what they did, how they did it, how they got paid.  I found out how to get trained and certified.

While all that research was going on, I started this blog.  At that time in my life, I was still a mess.  I made a quality decision that I wasn’t going to stay that way.  I started writing what was on my heart and what I was living out in my daily life and as I was sharing these messages with you, my life was getting back on track.  I stepped into a constant state of transformation.

2015 for me was a year of experimentation.  I learned how to build a website, start a YouTube channel, shoot and edit videos, customize marketing using google ads and facebook ads.

2016 was a year of growth.  I started this blog 1 year ago.  I went back to school and got certified as a health coach.  I pressed into areas of my life that I avoided in the past.  I let go of self limiting beliefs and decided that I was going to try anything that I had been afraid of in the past.  I learned to cook.  I started shooting and posting videos on facebook to inspire people to step out and try what they were afraid of. I implemented what I was learning about health and nutrition and gained 10 lbs of muscle, lost 15 lbs of fat and got down to 15% body fat.  I decided that I was enough and it didn’t matter what limitations I may actually have.  It mattered what limitations I placed on myself.

2017 has been about launching, taking back what the devil stole from me and seeing lives changed through my coaching and through the work that God has done in my and my life.  I launched my health coaching business in the last 30 days.  I have been giving public talks on health and nutrition and I’ve been coaching clients with much success. I’m excited because these open doors are also giving me a chance to give back by continuing to blog.

I finally realized my purpose in this life and that is to influence you to step out, step up and try to become the best version of yourself you possibly can be.  My purpose is to reach you for Jesus, to reflect him to you.  My purpose is to fill myself up so that I can pour Jesus out to you through these pages, through facebook posts, through face to face interactions, through life and health coaching and through public speaking.

Faith begins where the will of God is known and I want you to know that you are priceless.  God redeemed you from going to hell by paying the price with himself.  You could never pay that price, but Jesus did and that means that you are priceless.  God says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.  I want you to challenge yourself by first accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then I want you to challenge yourself to learn and grow by renewing your mind with the word of God.  Lastly, I want you to transform who you are now into the person you are capable of becoming by stepping out and taking action.

I recently heard Pastor Ivan Tate say, “God has some of your miracles hidden in the places you are afraid to go.”  I have learned this first hand through out my life.  When I decided to do a task that I was afraid to do, I learned and grew and got better and when I did step out, God met me there and blessed me.  I want him to bless you too.  Step out.  Go for the gusto.  Be willing to try and fail.  It’s ok.  You can do this.

What’s next?  You’ll just have to wait and see.

Thank you for reading my blog.



Can’t steer a parked car

Too much knowledge puffs one up.  When you know a lot, two problems can exist.  First, you can get proud or arrogant and need to be right all the time.  Second, you can get paralyzed and take no action.  I want to focus on the latter today.

Since starting this blog, I have gone through a lot of transformation.  God has been working on me to get rid of some self limiting beliefs about that weren’t serving me and weren’t serving him.  This was painful sometimes and other times, it was such a relief.  I had put myself and God into boxes that I could control and I stopped trusting God to do amazing things in my life.

Ok, so how do I go from getting too much knowledge and taking no action to being transformed?  I’m glad you asked.  For many years in my Christian walk, I went to church, I learned my bible, and I learned what God said about me and what he wanted for me in my life.  The problem was, that I did not take action.  I was paralyzed because I knew all these things that God wanted me to do, but I wasn’t doing any of them.  I wasn’t taking action.

If you take a pitcher of water and pour it into a cup, naturally at some point the excess water spills out and goes everywhere.  This is what should naturally happen when we read the bible and follow what God says to do in his word.  I was very afraid of people and I was shy.  I couldn’t tell someone about the love of Jesus because I was stuck.  I wasn’t taking any actions.  I was like the dead sea in Israel.  It is fed by the ocean, but it has no outlet, so everything in it is dead.

So what happened to change that for me?  I got divorced.  Besides my relationship with God, my marriage was the one stable thing in my life that I could count on.  When that ended, I was lost and I was searching to figure out why.  Through the process of getting to the lowest of lows in my life, I broke out of the mold.  I started to take action and to change who I thought I was.  I decided that inaction was not serving me well at all.

This blog started at a time in my life when I was hurting and life looked really terrible from the inside and out.  Here’s what happened, I knew that God said to go into all the world and preach the Gospel.  At that time, I couldn’t afford to even drive to the next town to share the Gospel.  God gave me the idea to start this blog.  It was an action step, a step of faith, but it was ACTION.  When I started, I didn’t know what to write about.  I didn’t know if anyone would read it.  I didn’t know if anyone would even like it, but I finally let go of caring what others thought of me.  You see, I have no right to know what you think of me because you don’t know me and you may have a skewed view of who you think I am.  I could let your opinions stop me from doing what I’m supposed to be doing.  I can’t let you do that.

I love to use the analogy of steering a parked car because so many people can identify with that.  The car has to be moving to be steered, otherwise, your just shifting the tires back and forth.  You see, God wants you to step out of your comfort zone today and take steps of faith.  He wants you to take action.  For someone reading this blog, he has been waiting years for you to take action.  Today is the day.  It is the day that you can let go of your fears and take action.  When we worry about what could be or what might be, we limit ourselves to finding out what would have been.  In the words of that Disney song “Let it Go.”  Step out today and see what amazing opportunities await you.

Shutting down my blog :(

Hello all,

I have been busy for months and have neglected my blog.  This blog came about at a time in my life when I was so challenged to figure life out.  I was writing every day from the passion to get out of my circumstances and the desire to trust God as what he said in the bible.  As I read and proclaimed his promises from the bible, I was inspired to write these messages that I shared during that time.

This is a testimony to the goodness of God.  As God renewed my mind by reading the bible, my faith muscle got stronger and stronger.  As my faith increased, my circumstances started to align with His promises.  I paid off a significant amount of debt, got a new job, went back to school and have been building my own coaching business.  All that happened within 9 months.

So, I logged onto my blog today to shut it down, but I saw that there were over 15,000 views to my blog.  I was blown away.  I hope that what I shared blessed you.

I am shutting this down by February 15th.  If you want to keep following me, you can friend request me on facebook.  Just send me a note in messenger telling me you found me by my blog.


I hope that something I wrote from my heart blessed you.

God Bless,

Chris Buckley

What are the consequences of your thoughts?

Your on the freeway heading to work.  It’s rush hour traffic and by now, you’ve become accustomed to the fact that it’s busy, it’s slow, it’s frustrating and you know what lane you need to be in to get off at your exit.  Being on time is very important to you and you know the routine; up at 4:30, hit the gym by 5:00, showered and cleaned up by 6:30, breakfast on the run, hit the parking lot at 7:45, and in our hot seat at work by 8:00 ready to take on the world.  Today, someone who isn’t a planner, isn’t great at planning out their day and isn’t great at getting to work on time, realizes they aren’t going to make it on time if they don’t hurry up.  That guy realizes at the last second that they need to cut into your lane to get to the exit on your right and they go for it.  This is the moment of truth.  What will you do?

The event of someone cutting you off in traffic is neither positive or negative.  Most would argue that it is negative, but it’s really neutral.  What is positive or negative are your thoughts.  The bible says that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he and out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.  An event triggers thoughts in your head.  Sometimes those thoughts can come so fast that the person doesn’t even realize that they had them prior to reacting.  The University of Pensilvania has done some amazing studies on what they call resiliency.  In their studies, they discovered a cycle that occurs when we have reactions to events.  They even have been able to determine what someone’s thought theme was based on their reaction to the activating event.  Let me give you an example.  I am a person who says sorry a lot.  We could walk up to the same door at the same time and rather than say excuse me and barge my way in, I am likely to say “sorry” and let you go in first.  I have been doing this nearly all my life and didn’t understand why.  When I learned about this process of determining what my thought themes were I discovered that I had a dominant thought theme of “Trespass.” The base of the Trespass thought theme is that “I have harmed you or caused you harm.” University of Pensilvania discovered what the bible has been saying for thousands of years and did the research to prove it true.

What you spend your time thinking about will be revealed in your emotions and reactions.  It is very hard for us to see our own blindsides if we are able to see them at all.  If you are having trouble in your external environment, in your relationships, in your community, or in your workplace, consider thinking about what your thinking about.  Consider picking up a bible and reading God’s word to learn how he thinks and to renew your mind so that you can think better thoughts.  As you renew your mind, I know you will renew your life.  God’s word works where the reader applies it.

Let me know if this helps you or if you have any questions.



2/3’s power: why your not fully alive

When Adam sinned in the garden, there was a price to be paid and the Lord provided the sacrifice to cover his sin. We read how Adam and Eve realized that they were naked and they hid themselves from God.  The bible says that the wages of sin are death.  God told Adam and Eve, that they could eat from every tree in the garden except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil for the day that they eat of it, they shall surely die.  I don’t believe that God would lie about this and so did they die that day?  I believe a part of them did.  I believe that their spirit man died that day and that’s when they discovered they were naked.

We are a 3 part being.  We are a spirit, we have a sole and we live in a body.  Our spirit man is the candle of the Lord. Our spirit was created to have a connection with God.  Our Sole consists of our mind, our will and our emotions.  It was created to give us the ability to connect with the intellectual part of this world.  And finally we live in a body which gives us the ability to connect with the physical part of this world.  I believe that the day that Adam ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that his spirit died that day.  And I believe that spiritual death is what is the original sin that is passed on from generation to generation.

When Jesus said that we must be born again, he was talking about our spirit.  When we get born again, our spirit becomes alive again and allows us to connect with God who is also a spirit.  We go from having 2/3rd’s of our potential ability to having our full ability to operate here on this earth.  At that moment, our spirit is renewed, but our brains and our bodies are still the same.  We need to spend the rest of our lives renewing the mind and subjecting our bodies to line up with the word of God.

Faith begins where the will of God is known.  As you read your bible and discover what God’s will is for his children, you learn what his will is for your life.  If you take his word by faith and make the adjustments in your life, you will have victory over the devil ad his scheme’s to destroy you.

Some people do not want to read the bible because they don’t want to find out that something they are doing is not what God wants them to do.  They are afraid of the condemnation that might bring to their lives when actually, what God’s word does for the born again person is bring conviction and correction.  The Holy Spirit gives us the grace and the power to overcome the sin in our lives and to make the necessary corrections so that we can grow closer to God and continue to be changed from one degree of glory to the next.

I want you to live in the full power of what God created you to do in this life.  Give your heart to him, ask him to be your Lord and Savior and see what wonderful things he can and will do in your life.

If you’ve enjoyed any of my posts, please leave a comment below or drop me a note at info@chris-buckley.net

Let God interrupt your schedule and you’ll see the miraculous

Life is so busy today. Everyone is overworked, overwhelmed and just plain worn out and tired. Since starting this blog and utilizing the what I’ve been preaching to all of you through this blog, God has been answering my prayers too by helping me get a good job that I like, getting me back in school to learn a new trade, assigning me new responsibilities in my military career. I went from having lots of time to write blogs to practically no time. No, that’s not the truth. I have no time to write.

You are always in my thoughts because I enjoy sharing and writing about what God has or is showing me through his word. My hope is that someone will read it, get inspired and challenge themselves to believe and trust God through what he says in his word.

Now that I’m busy, I keep a very tight schedule. I have an online calendar, it is very full and it’s color coded so that I know at a glance what my appointments are. I said all of that to say this, leave room for God in your schedule. I try to pray and read most mornings and usually do, but some times I just don’t have the time. This blog is not about that though I could write and say more.

The other night, I stopped by the grocery store about 9:30. I was going to stop earlier in the night, but it just didn’t work. So my plan was to get in, get out, and get home so I could wrap up my night and get to bed only to put the next day on repeat. What happened was not what I expected. I kept running into the same person in all the places I was going to look for the things that I needed. Finally near the end of the store, she asked me a question. That led to some chit chat about who she was and how she came to live here. All of that was really unimportant, but something she said hit a hot button with me. She said she was here because of God. We spent the next 2 hours talking about God, our adventures and our desires to get to know him better.

I was drawn in and we just couldn’t quit talking about the Lord and the wonderful things he has done. About an hour and a half into our talk, this older woman walked by and then she circled back a few times. The third time around, she stopped and said “I just have to be a part of this conversations.” Patrice was her name and she had been searching for answers and seeking God, but not finding them. We got to know Patrice, her pains, her struggles, and her questions about life and about God. We were able to pray for her, answer her questions, and console her about life. It was wonderful to see how God orchestrated getting us all there at the right time so that Patrice could get the answers that she had been asking God about, but wasn’t finding. The whole adventure increased all of our faith that night and we will never be the same again.

I challenge you today to a few tasks.
1. Develop your own personal relationship with God.
2. Spend time in prayer and read your bible.
3. Be willing to disrupt your plans and your schedule to do something for God.

If you don’t know Jesus, you can by repenting of your sin and asking him to forgive you and to be your Lord and Savior. When you do, the bible will become alive to you and you will have an intense desire to learn and grow in your faith. I recommend starting in the Gospel of John. You will discover who Jesus is, the fact that he is God and that he loves you and he died for you and went to hell for you so that you don’t have to.

I hope that this has inspired you today.


Meditation and Enlightenment: The Counterfeit Gospel

I was reading yesterday when I came across a scripture reference that had the word enlightened in it and jared me so much that I had to write about it.  I am currently taking health coaching classes in order to make a career change in the future.  There are hundreds of students in this online class and frequently, I hear the words enlightenment or meditation.  People are searching for peace, understanding, wisdom and knowledge, but they are barking up the wrong tree by the thousands.

This blog has always been about revelation that I get from the Bible and about situations I find myself observing in everyday life.  My hope is that someone reads this blog and gets inspired, learns something, or makes a course correction so they can be drawn to Jesus Christ.  He is the one that saves, delivers and sets people free.

So back to the topic at hand.  The Devil is not a creative god, he cannot make anything in and of himself, so what he does is take something the Lord created and change it, re-present it to the world as something new. He distorts and corrupts what God meant for our good and so that he can destroy us.  God says in his word, the Bible, Meditate on his word day and night so that you can observe to do all that is written in it Joshua 1:8.  The word meditate means: to think deeply or focus one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation. The devil has served up his form of meditation by focusing on one’s self or being at peace with one’s self.  God gives us the peace that passes all understanding when we meditate on his word.  When difficult situations rise up in my life, the word of God (that I have meditated on) comes to my mind and instead of focusing on the facts of the situation, I am able to focus on the truth of God’s word.

The other buzz word of the day is “Enlightenment.”  One definition of the word is an education or awareness that brings change.  People are using this eduction to be enlightened about their health, their bodies, their lives, their environment and more.  I hear the word used frequently from people who practice Yoga.  They also use meditation frequently too.  God is very clear that we are to seek him for guidance instead of going to the world to get it.  He has all the answers we need in order to live an overcoming life in this world if we will just go to the inspired word of God in his bible.

I want to encourage you and challenge you today to seek answers from the bible.  If you have specific questions about this topic or others I have written, please leave a comment below.

I don’t get to write or read as often as I like, but I will get to them.

God Bless,



Where have I been?

I started my blog at a time when I was off work because I was recovering from a surgery on my hip.  During that time, I had a lot of time to write, because I was not working.  It was a very trying time in my life as I was struggling to make ends meet.  I was not working and not earning a living and so it didn’t take long to exhaust my resources.  While writing each and every post, I was encouraging myself like David encouraged himself when everything looked like there was no chance of recovering that which was lost.  In that moment, David almost lost his life.  His men were just about to stone him to death.  He encouraged himself, then inspired his men to go after the enemy and take back what was stolen.

I encouraged myself daily as I read God’s word and applied his word to my life.  I dissolved my business, sold my home, and got a job.  In essence, I started over.  Some times in life you just have to let go and let God move in your life.  In our lives, there are seasons just like the seasons of the year.  I was going through a winter season, but now it’s spring time again and I am getting back on track.

I have been taking life and health coaching classes while working full time and serving in the military.  God is good and sometimes, when your going through a rough time, you have to remember that and you have to encourage yourself.  If you don’t know where to start, I recommend reading Psalms.  They are great for encouragement.

I hope all is well and you got something from what I’ve shared.

I’m looking forward to sharing more with you as I get time in my schedule




Trust is so hard to gain and so easy to break or lose.  We put our trust in so many things, but do we put our trust in God, his word, or his promises?  I’ve heard people who are atheists, agnostics, or just antagonists make comments about the bible that they couldn’t trust the bible because it was a book written by men.  If I used that logic, I couldn’t believe anything I read, because all books are written by men/women.  For me, the line in the sand is trust.  Do I trust what the bible says or promises?  Yes, I do and I think you should too.

The bible is filled with so many promises of what God will do for us if we follow his word, put our trust in him and believe what he is saying.  We have to activate our faith and believe that God is who he says he is and that he will do what he says he will do. The bible says that without faith it is impossible to please God.  That means with faith that it is possible to please God.  So what is faith then?  Faith is the substance of things hoped for, it is the evidence of things yet to come.

In my life, I have seen miracles happen when I just dare to believe God, put my faith in him and his word and trust that what he says is true and it is true for me in my life.  When I do that I see God move and I see the evidence of what I was believing for.   God is truly good all the time

I dare you to trust God and see if you put him to the test that He will not disappoint you.  Just remember to make sure you are not taking his word out of context.

My Mind is Renewed by the Word of God

Ephesians 4:23 says that my mind is renewed by the word of God; therefore, I forbid thoughts of failure and defeat to inhabit my mind.

Are you forbidding thoughts of failure and defeat to inhabit your mind today?  Here is the statistical reality of your thoughts.  60-80% of your daily thoughts are negative.  In fact, what you say about yourself to yourself is predominantly negative.  I’ve heard it said that the average person thinks around 60,000 thoughts per day.  Roughly 45,000 of those thoughts are negative.  If that is true, then how can we forbid negative thoughts to inhabit our minds?  We need to read God’s word.  We need to pick up our bibles and read what God has to say about us.

The bible says that faith comes by hearing the word of God or paraphrased, faith begins when the will of God is known.  Paul faced many perilous times and terrifying events in his life, yet his faith didn’t waiver because Jesus told him what his ministry would be and that he would finish his race in Rome.  So when the situation looked horrific, Paul didn’t have to worry about making it out alive, he knew he would because he was told how his life would end.  When you know the end from the beginning, you can cast off fear of the things that come against you in between.

The bible is filled with promises to God’s chosen people, the Jews and to his chosen people the Christians so that we know what the Lord has in store for us.  The bible says that we are to meditate on the word of God day and night, that we may be able to observe to do all that is written in it.

So back to forbidding thoughts of failure and defeat to inhabit your mind.  You can’t stop a thought from coming into your mind, but you can control what you do with that thought.  Let’s try it now.  I want you to think of a pink elephant!  What did you just think of?  I bet it was a pink elephant.  When a thought comes, it comes, but after that, you can dismiss it or you can dwell on it.  The bible says that you should meditate on the word of God.  When you read God’s word and understand his promises, you know what to replace the negative thought with and what meditate.  God’s promises are yes and amen.  God wants you to walk in victory and that comes from forbidding negative thoughts to take route in your head by reading God’s words and meditating on them.